How It Works

The ShinTekk increases the bio-mechanical efficiency of the legs by enhancing strength and flexibility. By utilizing the physical therapy technique of resisted dorsiflexion exercise, the ShinTekk engages the muscles and ligaments of the lower leg like never before to build strength where it's needed most.

Ease Of Use

Anyone on his or her feet can use the ShinTekk. Easily exercise each leg using the ergonomic design - in running shoes, formal shoes, or socks. It's as easy as sliding your foot under the U-Bar and into the trough, then pivoting the foot upward at the ankle to apply tension the Resistance Bungees. This strengthening exercise is called resisted dorsiflexion and is the go-to method recommended by physical therapists to boost running performance and train against or rehabilitate shin splints.


The ShinTekk helps achieve healthy biomechanics by strengthening the muscles of the shin area and ligaments of the ankle. The specialized muscles, tendons, and joints of the leg form a delicate kinetic chain and rely on each other to support the body’s weight entirely during physical activity. Any problem with one link can cause disruptions throughout the entire chain – decreasing performance and causing injury. When it comes to running, the legs are sensitive to the smallest biomechanical imbalances. Many runners and athletes develop biomechanical imbalances by focusing too much on specific areas: quads, hamstring, and hips (squat exercises), mid-section (core work), and calves (heel raise exercises). They often neglect one of the most crucial muscle groups in running - the pretibial muscles - the muscles and tendons of the shin area. That's where the ShinTekk comes in...

Recommended by professional athletes, marathon runners, and leading trainers, coaches, and clinicians

ShinTekk has been tested and endorsed by professional athletes and trainers for the NBA, NHL, and many other sports franchises, as well as runners, cyclists, fitness experts, physical therapists, and sports medicine and healthcare clinicians across the country.