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ShinTekk is changing the way trainers, coaches, physical therapists, sports medicine clinicians and fitness, health and wellness professionals help their athlete, runner, cycling, and active clients, patients, and members to perform better without the fear of injury.

ShinTekk is the #1 recommended training and rehabilitation tool by professional and certified trainers, coaches, physical therapists, sports medicine clinicians, and other professionals in the fitness, health, and wellness areas, and is the only tool that effectively and quickly builds lower leg strength, empowering your clients to achieve healthy balance and better overall performance.

Only the patented ShinTekk engages the entire lower leg muscles, tendons, and ligaments, including the pretibial muscles, empowering your clients to reach their peak while preventing sidelining injuries. If your clients or patients suffer from shin splints, knee or ankle strains, or calf soreness, ShinTekk can effectively build muscle strength in these areas and safely rehabilitate injuries, so your clients can get back to action without the fear of recurring injury.

I am extremely pleased with the results from ShinTekk. We’ve had great feedback from our players and I’m looking forward to a successful season with the knowledge that I’m doing what I can to prevent injuries.
– Bryan Doo, NBA Strength & Conditioning Coach, Boston Celtics

Strength Coach Bryan Doo has added ShinTekk to his players’ training routines. Jae Crowder pictured here using ShinTekk.

We have incorporated ShinTekk into our treatment protocols for our lower leg injuries that require more strength in the anterior shin. It is an easy and convenient way to add resistance to the dorsiflexion motion. Our patients can set it up with ease and work through the regimen on their own, which makes our job easier. It is a great device for home use as well.
– Michael Silva, MS, PT, CSCS, President, FOUNDATIONperformance Sports Medicine

Mike Silva works with a client to quickly rehabilitate shin splints using ShinTekk which incorporates the proven physical therapy dorsiflexion exercise.


As a partner, you can take advantage of two programs to offer ShinTekk to your clients, patients, members, or subscribers, as well as generate revenue for your business or yourself:

Reseller Program: Purchase ShinTekk units in bulk at wholesale prices on all ShinTekk models and resell to your clients, patients, or members, generating revenue for your business or organization. You can use your discount to purchase ShinTekk products for use at your training center, gym, or office, as well as have products on hand to demo and sell to your clients or patients to use at home.
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Marketing Affiliate Program: If you don’t want to pre-purchase ShinTekk products, you can still earn commissions by signing up to be a Marketing Affiliate. Promote ShinTekk to your customers, members, or subscribers via the web and at races, competitions, and events, and earn commission on every ShinTekk sold using your Affiliate link or custom URL.
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Any professional, business, or organization working with athletes, runners, and active consumers and professionals can become a ShinTekk Partner including:

  • Professional Sports Strength & Conditioning Trainers
  • College and Olympic Sports Coaches and Trainers
  • Personal Trainers
  • Running or Cycling Coaches
  • Physical Therapists
  • Sports Medicine Clinicians
  • Hospitals
  • Fitness Instructors
  • Massage Therapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Wellness and Nutrition Advisors
  • Running and Cycling Clubs
  • Sports & Fitness Organizations and Associations
  • Gyms, YMCAs
  • Training and Sports Facilities
  • Health & Wellness Centers

Retailers and Online Stores: Offer ShinTekk to your customers at your retail store or online store. Contact us to learn more about how ShinTekk can support your in-store or online promotion efforts.


ShinTekk offers multiple products to satisfy your business and clients’ needs:

ShinTekk AluminumShinTekk offers a high grade aluminum model for multi-client use in training centers, physical therapy offices, hospitals, gyms, and other facilities where training or rehab occurs. It’s strong enough for even the toughest athletes, but fun and easy to use for every client.
ShinTekk Aluminum models can be customized with your business, team, or college name, as well as offered to your team players or key customers, customized with their name or number.

ShinTekkThe ShinTekk is lightweight yet durable and highly portable, enabling your clients to continue your training or rehab regimen at home, work, or on the road with their own ShinTekk. Order the Therapy Pack, Professional Pack, or Performance Pack to provide your players, clients or members with the ultimate training solution they can use year round!

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Recommended by professional athletes, marathon runners, and leading trainers, coaches, and clinicians

ShinTekk has been tested and endorsed by professional athletes and trainers for the NBA, NHL, and many other sports franchises, as well as runners, cyclists, fitness experts, physical therapists, and sports medicine and healthcare clinicians across the country.